Josh Roberts and the Hinges find inspiration in David Bowie
"We're really going all out with this one."
A ‘Mighty’ long time
“Mighty Old Distance and Murky Old Time,” the new record by Josh Roberts & The Hinges, took a mighty long time to complete. The calculatingly turbulent rock band that can just as easily slow the music down with by-the-fire warmth didn’t rush the writing and recording.

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Josh Roberts and the Hinges - Record Release
It’s late, past midnight on a late-August Tuesday. Josh Roberts is taking a smoke break on the back porch of Front End Audio in Rosewood. He’s here with his friend Alan Moon, trying to get the final mixes right on Mighty Old Distance and Murky Old Time, Roberts’ third record with his backing band, the Hinges. It’s still warm, still muggy, but it’s silent save for the sighing horns of distant trains. There’s nothing out here beyond the overgrown yard and a stack of wooden pallets. Nothing — to quote “Buzzard,” from Roberts’ My War Cry is Amor — but the porch and the night.
New Song by JRATH on SceneSC Compilation
It’s February 1st, 2011 and that means that we are officially releasing the Scene SC Sampler today!

16 great South Carolina artists at your fingertips, including 8 songs that are currently exclusive to the sampler.

We couldn’t be more excited about this years sampler and it’s only going to get better in the coming months. While the sampler will be free to download this year, we are going to have two versions on physical copies that you can purchase. CD’s are arriving tomorrow and vinyl copies with select songs from the sampler will be arriving in March.
Josh Roberts & The Hinges Touring w/ Band Of Horses In FL
Their powerful sound is raw and uncompromising, creating new rock and roll anthems that leave their dedicated fans speechless...and sometimes exhausted, yet always wanting more.
An Evening with Josh Roberts
The evening also serves as the official release of Are You Going to Eat That?, an off-the-cuff solo EP that features a mixture of songs old and new from Roberts’ vast back catalog.
“Really, I made the record because of the show,” Roberts says. “It’s a Storytellers kind of thing, and I was like, ‘Well, you know what, I’ve got plenty of that stuff that nobody knows.’ It’s never been recorded, and I only play it randomly when I have an acoustic guitar in my hands. It’s not really Hinges stuff, per se.”
Josh Roberts and the Hinges/My War Cry is Amor - Twangville
The most highly anticipated local release of this year (in my book anyway…and by local I'm referring to Columbia, South Carolina) was the sophomore effort of Josh Roberts and the Hinges which hit the streets last month. ...