Album Cover
Are You Going to Eat That?
Josh Roberts
Released: Sep 30, 2008
Track Listing
1 The Reformation
2 Atom Inhabiter
3 Dishes and Bones
4 My Sweet
5 Wasp in Dirt Dauber's Clothes
6 Leave it with Me
7 I Guess I'm a Bit of an Outlaw After All

Liner Notes

Josh Roberts - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Tambourine
Larry Gornto - Drums
Alan Moon - Bass
Harris Gardner - Mandolin
Dennis Steele - Pedal Steel
Leslie Branham - Vocals on "The Reformation" & "My Sweet"
Nicole Hagenmeyer - Vocals on "The Reformation"

Recorded & Mixed by Alan Moon at Brakentracks, Columbia, SC

Produced by Alan Moon

Art Direction by Becca McGraw

Thanks to Warren, Shane, the good folks at Front End Audio and to Vicki and Charlie Whitehead.


An Evening with Josh Roberts
Free Times
The evening also serves as the official release of Are You Going to Eat That?, an off-the-cuff solo EP that features a mixture of songs old and new from Roberts’ vast back catalog. “Really, I made the record because of the show,” Roberts says. “It’s a Storytellers kind of thing, and I was like, ‘Well, you know what, I’ve got plenty of that stuff that nobody knows.’ It’s never been recorded, and I only play it randomly when I have an acoustic guitar in my hands. It’s not really Hinges stuff, per se.”